Independent Musicians

For Independent Musicians
Lathe-cut Records Are a Game Changer 


Traditional record pressings require a minimum order of 500 units and an investment that is often too great for most independent bands and artists.

Custom lathe-cut vinyl, in contrast, can be produced as few as ONE or TWO at a time.


Our small-batch approach offers the MOST economic and efficient solution for getting your music on vinyl.

We enable artists to experiment with a greater range of mixes, designs and even limited releases so you may understand better how to attract a larger audience and increase demand for your music.


Orders are shipped in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.

Traditional pressings commonly take SIX MONTHS or longer.


All lathe-cut records are by definition unique and possess an intrinsic value that NO digital format can touch.

The tangible nature of vinyl reasonates deeply with the many fans, who prize and collect music memorabilia.


  Most bands, even successful ones, struggle to generate any meaningful revenue from streaming.

To earn just $1,000 on Apple Music or Spotify requires over 140,000 and 270,000 "plays" respectively.

Many customers, however, realize an equal or greater profit by selling as FEW as 50 of our lathe-cut vinyl records.

GREAT LAKE RECORDS Offers Independent Musicians ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES That No Streaming Platform Can Match

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