Zoetrope Design

Zoetrope Design

Zoetrope Picture Disk Design/Artwork

Base: $120 for 10" template:

4 rows or 2 spirals

2 rows + 1 spiral

Art Requirements:

Vector format (.ai, .eps) highly recommended

.png with transparency (1080 x 1080 or larger) also acceptable

Video Requirements:

Minimum 1920 x 1080 (larger is fine)

Minimum 1.5 seconds @ 29.97/30fps, or 2 seconds @ 23.976/24fps

.mov or .mp4, ProRes preferred

custom designs & animations : [email protected]

Here are a couple of ways to view the animations on our zoetrope picture discs. If you're using a smart phone, place the record on your turntable at 45rpm and leave your phone on its standard 30fps settings. To view the record this way, make sure it's under a strong light - the brighter the light, the better.