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Are you Local to Grand Rapids, MI?

Great Lake Records isn't just about manufacturing vinyl records; we're a full-fledged record label committed to supporting and promoting local artists and bands through authentic PR efforts. Nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, we specialize in bringing the creative visions of musicians to life on the enduring medium of vinyl.

As a record label, PR (Public Relations) is at the core of what we do. We understand the importance of visibility and recognition in today's competitive music industry. That's why, alongside meticulously crafting each vinyl record, we invest heavily in strategic PR campaigns tailored to amplify our artists' voices and expand their reach.

From press releases to media partnerships, Great Lake Records leverages its network and expertise to garner meaningful exposure for our artists. We work closely with local and industry-specific media outlets to secure reviews, interviews, and features that highlight the unique talents and stories behind each release.

Our PR efforts extend beyond traditional media outreach. We actively engage in digital marketing strategies, leveraging social media platforms and online communities to connect artists with their audience. Whether it's creating compelling content, managing targeted ad campaigns, or nurturing fan engagement, we ensure our artists' music resonates across diverse channels.

At Great Lake Records, PR isn't just a service; it's a collaborative partnership aimed at propelling our artists' careers forward. We provide personalized guidance and support, helping artists navigate the complexities of publicity and build sustainable momentum for their music.

By combining our passion for vinyl craftsmanship with strategic PR initiatives, Great Lake Records offers artists a comprehensive platform to showcase their talents and thrive in the competitive music landscape. Join us as we continue to champion local music and elevate artists' voices through meaningful PR campaigns that resonate far and wide.