Mastering for Streaming & CD

$80.00 - $600.00
Mastering for Streaming & CD

Mastering for Streaming & CD


Audio content (.wav + .mp3)
Targeted LUFs range for loudness normalization across platforms

Unlimited Revisions


Audio content (at 16bit 44.1kHz)
Track order and gaps
Album title
Track titles
Artist, Songwriter, Composer and Arranger
ISRC codes
UPC Code


Consultation and advice
EQ, compression and limiting
Noise reduction, click removal and stereo enhancement
Compilation, starts, fades and levels
PQ encoding (CD Master or DDP)
ISRC code insertion
Error checked Red Book production master (CD Master)
Download delivery
DDP Image available

No Stem Mastering (2 track only)

Includes Side A / Side B and appropriate track spacing for vinyl (no limiting). (basic vinyl pre master)

Unsure about our mastering services?

We specialize in mastering for analog formats (Vinyl). Trust us to handle your digital masters and prepare your tracks for CD and other duplications in a competitive market. We have a higher attention to detail when it comes to mastering that even larger studios are unaware.

How does Great Lake Records compare to AI mastering? Our mastering can be much louder compared to the average AI mastering services. AI tends to only master to a set LUFs normalization.

Streaming services have different requirements to make a single release have the most impact in terms of loudness and dynamics that can translate across all DSP’s.

Hiring us to handle your masters can unlock discounts on our lathe cut vinyl production.